About RegionUP

What is RegionUP for Recruiters?

RegionUP is a unique job site catered to executive level positions with salaries of US$100,000+ throughout Asia.

Recruiters can:
  • Post an unlimited number of jobs over US$100,000.
  • Contact registered, approved RegionUP candidates for free.
We provide a matching service for business professionals desiring salaries of US100,000+ with appropriate high-performing job postings.

Getting Started

What is the registration process?

Executive Search Professionals can register here.
Corporate Recruiters can register here.

All registered recruiters undergo a thorough profile screening before being approved to use our service. Our staff conducts a thorough screening of every job candidate’s anonymous resume, every job posting, as well as each hiring company, and recruiter profile one by one.

Job Posting Requirements

How many jobs can I post?

You can post as many jobs as you want as long as they meet our job posting criteria. See below.

What is the job posting criteria?

US$100,000 Positions

RegionUP focuses on positions with salaries of US$100,000 or higher. If a listed position has a starting salary below US$100,000, it must have a salary range which will give it at least a US$100,000 average.

See the example below.

US$80,000 – US$120,000 = US$100,000 avg. (Approved)
US$80,000 – US$110,000 = US$95,000 avg. (Disapproved)
US$90,000 – US$100,000 = US$95,000 avg. (Disapproved)

* The minimum starting salary is US$80,000+, which means the top end of such a position must at least be US$120,000 to qualify for a US$100,000 position.

For positions with a slightly lower salary, please refer to “What are Mid-Level Plus jobs?”

Job Post Screening

After you input the necessary details and save the posting, your job will go into ‘Under Review’ status. To ensure that our database maintains a high quality of jobs that pay US$100,000 or more, our staff evaluates the contents of each job posted on our system. The screening results are at the sole discretion of RegionUP and we do not disclose the details of this process.

We will review your job description and email you with the result of our screening typically within three business days.

Why was my job rejected?

If a job does not meet our minimum requirement of US$100,000, the job will be disapproved. Other factors for disapproval include; missing information such as company description, job title, or personal contact information included in the job description.

What happens if my job does not pass the screening?

You can re-submit your job posting even if your job does not pass the screening the first time. We will typically tell you the parts that are lacking and how to improve your application; however we ask for your understanding in that RegionUP does not disclose its screening process.

What must be included in the job posting?

All jobs must have the following information:

Company Name
*If you wish not to disclose the hiring company’s name, you must at least give a generic name.
Job Description
Office Location
Salary (Listed in US Dollars)
Job Function
Hiring Company Details – Please include at least two or three lines describing the company for which the position applies to.

What cannot be included in the job posting?

No personal contact information can be included in the job description. This includes; phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile URL, Twitter handle, or company URLs.

*All initial communication on RegionUP must be made through our contact system. Once you have made contact with a candidate and they have replied, you can provide them with your personal contact information and resume discussion outside of the RegionUP system at your discretion.

**SSL Encryption Technology
RegionUP uses the encryption technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and VeriSign confirmation to ensure communication safety. Please consult your network administrator if our site does not display properly.

Who can see my jobs?

Glad you asked. One of the benefits of posting your highly coveted jobs on RegionUP is, only approved registered members can view these jobs. They are not visible to the general public.

Ending your Posting

If you wish to end your job posting, you may do so at any time through the Manage Jobs screen. Click the Currently Posted tab and then Finish to terminate your job posting.

Registration, Updating,
and Removing your Profile

New Account Registration

RegionUP provides service only to those who agree and adhere to our Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to maintaining your privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Account Cancellation

RegionUP maintains the sole discretion to cancel and/or terminate accounts deemed not abiding to and/or adhering to our Terms of Use.

Updating your Profile

You can update your profile information such as your name, email address, and password through the Account Settings tab.

Account Removal

You can delete your account through the Account Settings screen. If you are going to delete your account, please be sure to finish your communications with job seekers before doing so.

Please note that after you remove your account you will no longer be able to log in. All of your personal information will also be deleted. Our system also may send newsletters and/or job updates on the day of your account cancellation.

RegionUP Candidates

Candidate Resume Screening

To ensure a high level of job candidates, we perform a resume screening when new user’s register with us. Members must have had a job of at least US$70,000 or above at some point in their work history and a career acceptable for the positions that we provide on RegionUP. If you find any resumes that you think should not have passed our screening, please contact our Client Support.

Search Resumes

You can search for resumes that have been made viewable to recruiters and send contact messages to our members.

We strive to maintain a high level of quality resumes by maintaining our strict screening process. However, if you find a resume that you believe is below RegionUP standards, please contact our Client Support.

Contact Messages

You can send messages to members who have resumes that interest you. There is no limit to the number of contact messages that you can send. However, there is a limit of up to three job postings that you can attach to each contact message. You can check your messages by accessing the Inbox tab at the top of your screen.

Mid-Level Plus (ML+) Candidates

Who are Mid-Level Plus (ML+) candidates?

Mid-Level Plus (ML+) candidates are members which are just under our US$70,000 minimum salary requirement to qualify for RegionUP membership. These are ‘high potential’ candidates who typically have less experience, but are ready to level up their career.

How are Mid-Level Plus members different from ‘normal’ RegionUP members?

Mid-Level Plus members are quality candidates, no different from our executive-level members which comprise the majority of our database, the only difference being, a slightly lower salary and years of experience.

How do I search for Mid-Level Plus candidates?

1.) Click on ‘advanced search’.
2.) Select the category ‘Mid-Level Plus’. From the drop down menu labeled ‘Mid-Level Plus’ (just above the blue Search button), you can select ‘Exclude ML+ Candidates’(this is the default selection), ‘Include ML+ Candidates’, or ‘Return ML+ Only Candidates’.

Can Mid-Level Plus candidates apply to jobs over US$100,000?

No. These members can only apply to positions labeled as “Mid-Level Plus Jobs”.

Mid-Level Plus (ML+) Jobs

What are Mid-Level Plus jobs?

Mid-Level Plus jobs are positions with under US$100,000 salaries.

Who can see Mid-Level Plus jobs?

All approved members on RegionUP can view Mid-Level Plus jobs. These positions will be marked with a label indicating that is a “ML+ Job”.

Other Common Questions

Can I cancel the newsletter subscription?

No. As we send important system information and updates through our newsletters, we do not allow recruiters to cancel their newsletter subscription.

Can I block members that don’t fulfill my job requirements?

No. We have not implemented a function that allows you to block individual members. We require our recruiters to respond to all messages they receive, so if a candidate that you do not wish to recommend for an interview applies, please be sure to respond to them appropriately.

How do I contact RegionUP?

We are happy to answer your questions and receive any other comments you may have about our service. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact our Client Support.